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Oklahoma History: Home

Oklahoma history


Stained Glass Oklahoma Seal from the McFarlin Student Study

This guide is designed to show students how to search out various sources of information on Oklahoma history. The guide identifies materials  available at The University of Tulsa, in the city and elsewhere in the state plus online resources.

If you are aware of things not listed here, please notify Andy Lupardus

The Library Catalog

You should begin your research with the Library's catalog. This will help you identify materials available at TU which will give you an overview of your subject  or even deeper insight into the topic you are researching.

A few examples of subject searches you can try 


  •       Oklahoma - History  
  •       Oklahoma - History - Land Rush
  •       Indian Territory
  •       Tulsa - History
  •       Cherokee Nation    
  •       Chilocco Indian School (try this as an author search also)

Individuals (also try these as Author searches)

  •        Rogers, Will, 1879-1935
  •        Sequoyah, 1770-1843  
  •        Mankiller, Wilma Pearl,  1945-
  •        Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967

Native American Tribes 

  •        Indians of North America - Oklahoma (Indians of North America is a basic term used in library catalogs)
  •        Cherokee Indians
  •        Ponca Indians

Events (These may be listed on their own, or as a subdivision of a larger subject area

  •        Washita, Battle of the, 1868
  •        Oklahoma City Bombing
  •        Tulsa Race Riot, 1921
  •        Oklahoma - History - Land Rush, 1889
  •        Indians of North America - Relocation (The term Removal is not used)
  •        Creek Indians - Government relations (This subdivision can contain many concepts, including removal                                                   
  •        Trail of Tears


Subdividing your subject search

               Oklahoma - History - Bibliography

                - Sources

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